Kinda feel like we covered this on the home page, but protocol dictates that we have another page giving some additional information. Letting you know a bit more "about" Allister McAllister.

So..... How about them Tiges, 'ey? Hold the phone! I know what I can write about. Port Phillip Bay is a beautiful body of water and you can stare at it while you drink your hot or cold beverage.  That image of a sunset that we're using as our background image - that's the view from Allister McAllister. Also, Allister McAllister has the coldest fridge in Bayside! I shit you not. There is nothing worse than getting a 'coo-ish' beverage on a stinkin' hot day. That's a lie - there's truckloads of worse stuff, but it is bloody annoying. You pay good money for a 'cold' drink, you want a bloody 'cold' drink! Hey, buddy! We have milkshakes and they're grouse. Try our Soy Chai Milkshake - it's to die for.

Ethiopian dark roasted coffee pours precisely. The grind is set meticulously and the cream maintains its sweetness. One single shot fired from the barista's weapon.