things to drink

$3  black coffee & Americano
$4 regular coffee
​$5 large coffee & ice latte
$5  pot of tea
$6  pot of chai tea
$7  ice coffee/spiders
$7/9 milkshakes
Ethiopian dark roasted coffee pours precisely. The grind is set meticulously and the cream maintains its sweetness. One single shot fired from the barista's weapon.

things to eat

raisin toast  $4
jam/vegemite toast  $4
​banana bread  $4
protein balls  $4
muffins $5
toasties  $5
bruschetta  $11

Allister McAllister offers something for everyone: vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerants.... YOU!

We offer plant based & gluten free options on most menu items, which is somewhat thoughtful. Yes it is.

For your coffee, we have a whole bunch of milk options: full cream, skim, soy (bonsoy, happy happy soy boy),  almond (milklab), lactose free and oat milk (oatly).

Our coffee is a single origin organic Ethiopian dark roast by Sirius Coffee Roasters. Our decaf is bloody grouse too!

Our hot chocolate powder is vegan and gluten free.

We use Olinda Spring Water in all our coffees, not tap water. Why? Because it makes for better coffees. We're not ragging on Melbourne's tap water - Hell No! We reckon Melbourne's tap water is tops, mate. Bloody tops! However, it's inconsistent. Somedays it smells a bit more chlorinated and then there's the old pipes, blah, blah, blah